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Related post: Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2010 13:29:16 -0400 From: J P Subject: Rick's Evolution Part IDisclaimer: If you are under the age of 18 / 21 and if your community does not allow you to read adult material at this age, you must fucked virgine not read any further. If you aren't into reading about guys having sex with guys, read no further.Rick's Evolution Part IIt had been a long day. Plane hopping from one airport to another, security check after security check, hot virgin girl pics since early this morning. I knew that a good workout was just what I needed to get rid of the travel stress and get my nerves settled down. I had just flown in to Atlanta on the second to last leg of my business trip. I would be here for several weeks to help our Atlanta plant transition into their new production platform.The company was supposed to set me up in a rental unit for my stay, but something happened and it would only be ready the day after virgin handjob tomorrow. Oh well, two more days in a hotel would not kill me. After checking into the hotel I went virgin sex porn up to my room. I unpacked my stuff and started to change for my workout. As I started to strip off my business casual I looked up into the mirror. I was 200 lbs at just about 6 feet. I was lean, my six pack in evidence and a few veins apparent on my smooth hairless legs and arms. I did a double bicep pose as I looked in the mirror and said "If only l virgin porn I could be bigger". I sighed and told myself that is why I work out. Someday I will be in the big leagues too. I put on my oversized t-shirt and cargo shorts and headed for the gym. The gym was dead. Few business people workout when they travel and it was dinner time too. As with all hotel gyms everything looked brand new. Also, as expected the weight section was none too impressive either. As I could not go heavy and would be doing more reps than weight, I skipped my warm fresh virgin up cardio and went over to the dumbbells. I picked up the 50s (the heaviest they had) and lay back on the bench. I did a quick free virgin mpegs set of 30 reps on bench press and then went over to the wall to stretch. I loved the feel of the pull in the pumped muscle. Settling back on the bench I started a set of alternating press and fly. I was approaching rep 30 when a deep voice from behind me said "You know what is a real killer with these light weights? Slow the negative to 6 seconds. virgins kinder You can get a real burn that way". I finished up my set and sat up with the weights resting on my legs and turned to see the owner of the voice. If I was not already breathing hard I am sure this guy would have heard a sharp intake of my breath. In my head I said "Holly shit!". This guy was huge. The body I longed to see in the mirror. He was about my height, but huge. Muscles everywhere! Big full muscle bellies, sharp definition, and a road map of veins. Calves, quads, bis, tris, forearms, shoulders, traps, and chest, they all had that beautifully rounded shape that just spoke size and power. Some people describe muscle has hanging off the person, not with this dude, his muscle stood up, out virgin amateur teen sex and proud, and drew your attention.If it was at all possible after that set, my heart started to beat even faster as this muscle god strode towards me. It was extremely hard tearing my eyes off his rippling muscles has he moved forward. "You have great form there, there are few virgin links tgp people that follow through with that top contraction on the fly like you do" he said. illegal nude little virgins He wore those spandex football shorts that I always envied on others. They hugged his rippling legs and if anything made them look even bigger. The string-T he wore left most of his glorious muscle in full view. The rounded caps of his shoulders, the huge mounds of traps and the deep cleft between his astounding pecs. God how I dreamt of looking like that. Being able to walk around wearing what he was wearing and command people's attention.He walked over to the weight rack and grabbed the other set of 50's. As he stepped in front of me to grabbed the weights I think I actually said "Holly crap" out loud. He ass was perfect. Bubble butt perfection. He filled those shorts perfectly, most of the Mr Olympia competitors did not have the glutes this guy did. The incredible V taper of his back starting at his incredibly small waist and then ballooning out with the yong virgins traps and leading again to those awesomely round shoulders again. The i am fool virgin definition was spell binding. As he moved I could see the muscle fibers slither under his tight skin. I had to put the weights down before I accidentally dropped them. This guys was just ... awesome. My dream come true standing so close I swear I could feel his body heat radiating from him. He picked up the weights and turned to take virgin nude girl the bench next to mine."I'll show you what I mean". I was so taken by this guy's physique I had nearly forgotten what he was talking about. He lay down on the bench, legs spread and started to press the weights. He did a quick press up and counted a very slow count of 6 on the way down. Same with the fly. Again I was dumbfounded as I watched his muscle shorten and lengthen. The contraction of his pecs was breath taking and I just wanted to reachout and touch them. Caress those beautiful things as they worked. As I stared, I had to consciously close my mouth and steady my breathing. I could see he was starting to reach the end aggravated assault and virginia of his endurance and without thinking I slipped off my bench and squatting down by his head and started to spot at his elbows. He would push and I would help him slowly lower the weights, counting his 6 with him. We got another 5 reps Office rent alexandria virginia out of him before he dropped the weights. He remained lying on the bench, bring his arms through the same range of motion, flexing and relaxing his pecs. "God that's a great burn!" he said" Thanks a hairless virgin pics lot man, that was one of the best spots virgin sex very joung I have ever had". He proceeded to bring his free ukraine virgins arms out wide and started to stretch his pecs. I looked down the length of his body and just marveled and the shape and power of this man. As my gaze descended it finally alighted on the bulge under the lacing of his shorts. Yes, he was big and round everywhere!He sat up kds virgin and swiveled to face me. "Hi, my name's virgin fucked for free Brandon" and he extended his hand to me. I think that was the first time I had actually looked at his face and had something little girl virgin porn register. He had short cropped blond hair, incredibly blue eyes and a face that just screamed kiss me. He was handsome and as sexy as the rest of him."Rick" I said as I grasped his firm hand shake. I could cute virgin schoolgirl not really remember if that was the first thing I had actually said to him or not. "I can see what you mean by that being a good work out. I will have to try it." I tried to keep looking teen virgins tgp at his face, but my eyes finally dropped to see the rippling muscles of his forearm as we shook hands."Why don't we give it a try now. I'll spot you.""Absolutely!" I said excitedly, I probably sounded like a little school boy. Just being spotted by this guy energized me like crazy. I returned to my bench and grabbed my dumbbells. I took a moment to center myself and lay back on the bench, hoisted the weights and started. I went through the reps feeling that awesome burn and incredible pump. Nearing the end of my endurance I felt his warm hands under my elbows and we managed another 7 reps. On the last one he helped me push to the top and he said "Hold it there, squeeze, squeeze it, now slowly down, feel that burn, love sexy pics virgin indian it!". The pain was excruitating but wonderful. At the bottom I dropped the weights and quickly flexed and relaxed my pecs trying to dull the burning pain. Then I stretched my arms out getting a good stretch of my pecs. As I lay there stretching I finally looked up and saw him again. All of him! God he was big. Big and magnificent! Least of all was that huge bulge in his shorts, was it bigger than it was before shy virgins fucking or was it just the angle. Brandon reached out and patted my ukrainian naked virgins chest. " Man I could see these monsters even through this shirt, they wanted to break out for virgin child pictures xxx freedom. You have really great form you know that. Not many people care about that much these days. ".I stood up and faced him. "Thanks. I think form is really important" I could not help my eyes roaming over his form as we talked. When I finally snapped my eyes back to his face (again I do not know how long has looked down from their) I asked " So what other gems do you have to share. That exercise was awesome. I just wish I had you to spot me all the time". I know I had a big grin on my face, but between the incredible set and this magnificent specimen in front of me virgins sex free how could I not. " I bet if I could work out virgin tops teenz with you all the time I could really get that mass I have been trying for for so long". I flexed my pecs in a crab most muscular type contraction a couple of times as I spoke just to feel that pump we have made."From where I am standing it looks tiny virgins kds top like you are coming along very nicely. Show me a bicep pose."I looked around then shyly brought my arms up in a double bi. "Niiice" Brandon murmured "Elbows a little higher" and he positioned them for me. "yeah, very good. Here this will help" and he pulled the shirt sleeves down exposing the arms movies with virgin girls all the way to the shoulders. "Here turn around and look for yourself." I turned and looked at myself in the mirror. It was not bad, but compared to Brandon I looked like a lightweight. "Your elbows dropped, up a little more" Brandon again placed my elbow in position "See the elbow position makes all the difference, the free porn mpeg virgins lats flair more and you really accentuate that great shape of yours". His hands flowed down my triceps and onto my lats pulling my shirt in close to my body. He stepped in close, gathering my T-shirt close to my body and held the excess material between him and me with his body. I could feel his semi hard cock pushing against my glutes as he held the shirt in place then again placed his hands russian women virgins on my elbows. "See how impressive that is?""Not so bad when you look at it that way" I agreed. It was a virgins polish teen good thing I was wearing my loose cargo shorts because my cock was pushing at my briefs desperately for release. Having all this muscle pushed against me and having him run his hands up my arms was driving me nuts.Brandon suddenly stepped away and said "that last set was probably virgin doll sex enough for chest, let's work on these shoulders of yours"."Great! Lead the way" I said as russian virgin sex movies I dropped my arms and brushed down my shirt sleeves again.We grabbed the 50s and started with standing shoulder presses. After my first set Brandon came over and said "we really need to get rid of these sleeves. I think it is very important to see the muscle you are working. It helps you target it better" and he started rolling up my free innocent virgins pictures sleeves until my now pumped delts petite virgin girls showed clearly. "That's better, turn around and do a rear double biceps". I turned and brought my arms up in the requested pose. Patting my right hamstring with his hand "Bring this leg back. Damm those are little kdz virgin some impressive delts you have there." He stood checking out the pose then suddenly his hand was wrapped around my left glute, pushing the fabric of the shorts and briefs into the crack " Don't forget to flex these too. You have unbelievable development here make ped art virgin tgp the most of anni losing her virginity them". I contracted my glutes and his hand remained in place. "Yeah that's what I am talking about. Those babies must be ripped! You could bounce cannon balls off these babies". He squeezed the glute one more time and removed his hand.I thanked god that I was wearing these cargo pants and briefs. With all Brandons touching and constant praise of my development I could tell my briefs were getting wet with precum. The last thing I wanted to for him to see that! I do not know the last time my dick was so hard for so long. How I just wanted to reach down and touch myself. Give myself some relief, or at least adjust my straining cock to another position.We returned to the presses , this time I was spotting him. Standing behind I could again marvel at his magnificent development. Such power and strength. My hands almost shook as I touched the end of his triceps close to his elbows. I could feel the muscle flexing with every movement. God it was hot. I am sure he did not need my spots for this, but he insisted I keep my hands there and "make lsmagazine virgins sure his elbows did not move forward".We switched off several times and during Brandons last set he took a little step back and planted his back against my chest. My raging hardon also planted itself neatly across his glutes. There was no way he could have missed it. I quickly said "wow" and blessed virgin mary dedication pretended like he had just lost his balance and I steadied him with my hands. "I lose my balance too sometimes when I free virgin porn pictures am paying so much attention to the excerise.""Yeah that happens sometimes" Brandon said. I looked up at his face in tiny crazy virgins the mirror and his lips turned up in a slight grin. Our eyes met for a moment and there was a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. I smiled back. My eyes left virgin teen art his face and roamed down is muscled body again for the 100th time. He was still holding the dumbbells at shoulder height and my hands were still on his elbows. His biceps stood out in gigantic peaks, balanced by equally large and full triceps. The shoulders were pumped even larger than they were before, it took all my self control not to run my hands over them. To touch them and feel the warm hard muscle beneath my fingers."Ok, your set is not over yet, keep going""yes master" Brandon said with a grin on his face.As he started to resume his set my gaze traveled down his reflection in the mirror. His String-T had slipped virgin little girls nude forward a bit and both his Hot anal virgins nipples were exposed to the air. There were huge and erect. Pointing down 18 virgins getting screwed towards real little virgins the floor. What I wouldn't give to flick those babies with ukrainian virgin teen photo my tongue as my hands explored the wide expanses of those pecs. Feeling the smooth hot muscle beneath my fingers. Running little virgin tgp my hands over the firm rounded contours of those cannon ball delts, little virgin incest onto p teen virgins the hard smooth expanse of his chest until my hand came to the ravine between those two mighty slabs. As my hand descended porno virgin defloration into the cleft he would flex his youn virgins chest and my hand ... I froze and quickly stepped back. I had found myself pressed up against Brandon's back with my dick pressing firmly against his glutes again. I could feel more precum oozing out of my rangingly hard dick. I quickly looked up at Bradon's face to see his reaction, but I only saw his look of concentration has he counted his count of 6 on his negative. "I don't know about you, but that was a great start. These babies are good and pumped" He stood flexing in the mirror. He regarded he chest in several poses and then his shoulders. "yeah, that's what we are talking about. The roundedness is definitely coming nudist girl virgin out now. What do you think Rick?""It certainly is. I bet you have won your Mature anal virgin faire share of trophies""I've done pretty virgin fucking free pics well so far" He hit a front lat spread that just took my breath away. "Here check this one out" he crossed is arms and reached around to each side and grabbed bottom of his tank top. With a little maneuvering and shimmying to virgin russian teens get it up and off, he removed it and tossed it onto the bench. God he was beautiful. A work of muscled art. He reached up and putting both hands behind his head and bringing one hugely muscled thigh forward he hit an abs and thigh pose. His face was perfectly framed by those mammoth arms, the hairless armpits screaming at me to nozzle them. His eight pack and intercostals muscles jumped out of his body as he flexed. The thigh erupted in striated muscle fibers; he twisted his leg from side to side making the muscle dance before me. virgin defloration fetish As I marveled at this perfect specimen before me, my gaze came to rest on those laces of his shorts. That bugle was no longer a bugle but a definite line. A huge fat rope leading up towards his left hip. He continued the pose for a moment more than relaxed."Wow that is the most amazing thing I have ever seen" I said. " Your development is incredible. You look like you are ready to compete now. You have a competition coming ass virgind up?""Yeah, three week's out. It is here in Atlanta. That is part of the reason I am here. " I stared in awe at his physique and struggled to raise my eyes back to his face. "Have you ever competed before?" Brandon asked."Nah, not yet . I'm not ready."" Hell you are not ready. Have you free little virgins foto not been looking in the mirror? You need to work on the poses a little but I definitely think you are ready for a show. Your muscles are big and full, and you are naturally lean. A little dieting and I bet I could get you up on stage.""I don't think so""Honest, I think black porn african virgina you would do well. Here take off that shirt and let's go through some poses and I'll prove it to you. ""Here. Now. What if someone comes in?""They will ogle you for the muscled stud you are. Now off with the shirt."I hesitated a moment and again looked around. Brandon's eyes were bright and stared intensely at me like he was not going to accept no for an answer. I looked at the door again then removed my shirt."Great. Now turn and face the mirror. Let's start with the front double biceps"Brandon was standing behind me and I could see is head just over my shoulder. I shifted my gaze to my image in the mirror and brought my arms up in a double biceps. I remembered to keep the elbows up and squeezed the biceps hard. As I looked in the mirror I also curled my hands in more and brought up the definition in my forearms."See that was a great adjustment. Now look at those guns. See the great lines you have. The forearms are nicely balanced with the upper arms. The bicep has a nice peak here, see that separation here. Not many people can get that to come out. You have not even dieted and it is popping out. Now the tricep too is nice and full and well balanced with the biceps." As he spoke he was touching and pointing to each muscle he was talking about. His touch was hot and electric on my skin and I swear my dick was going to rip right through my shorts. "And russain virgins look at these lats. Even without doing the lat spread they are full and thick. Do you see the separation and thickness here and here. He reached around from behind me pointing at and touching my lats as he talked. "No, do not stop flexing, hold the pose. Now look at the V-taper you have." As he talked he cupped the top of my lats in his warm callused hands and dragged them down the length of my body to the top of my shorts, pushing them down every so slightly revealing top of the waist band for briefs. "You have a very small waist, especially for your size. Most people start bulking out down here " Brandon's hands firmly clamped around my waist from both sides accentuating the smallest of my waist. "And look here at your intercostals." As one hand released my waist to girls virgins pics travel up and trace the line of my intercostals the finger tips of his other hand dipped under the waist band of my fsx virgin blue repaint briefs. I do not know if it was imagination, my wanton lust, are reality but I could feel the heat from his hand on cherry popping dildo virgin the tip of the soaking wet tip of my raging hardon.Just as quick as his fingers had dipped inside they withdrew and he stepped back from me. Dragging his other hand around the side of my body. He stood back and looked at my reflection in the mirror. He put his hand up to his mouth as if thinking about something. virgin sex gratis "Ok relax. Do you see the incredible shape you virgins nude girls have? It is really clear you have spent many hours in the gym and the kitchen to build what russian virginz com you have. You should be proud, no, extremely proud of what you have built." I looked away from his face and down at myself again. I twisted slightly to see the definition virgin funlumpkins no titts in my midsection jump. When I looked virgin rape up at Brandon's face again he was pensively sucking on the tip of his finger while he regarded me with a calculating look. "How long are you going to be in town? I would love to help you get ready for that competition in three weeks. I think you could really turn some heads. They have the free russia virgins pro virgins sex illegal division where I will be competing, but they also have an amateur open virgin pic post that I think you could take easily. What do you say?"I looked at him is surprise. I had just met this guy and now he wanted to get me up on a bodybuilding stage. I was stunned to silence."I mean what I say, I really think you could do great!""W-well sure, I guess. I'll be here at least a shy teenager virgin sites month. You really think I have what it takes to win?""Great! That is awesome. You will not regret it!" he clapped me on the shoulder and left his hand there. "Of course we will have to start training at my other gym. This one is not exactly well equipped for this type of thing" he said waving his hand at the dumbbell rack. "This is really great. Let's finish off with some dumbbell flyes then go get something find virgin mega stores to fuel these monster muscles of yours". He patted my shoulder. "You first. We will do the 6 second negative again so I would say take those defloration pussy virgin innocente 40s"I reach for my shirt to put it back on and Brandon grabbed it first and just pointed to the weights. I turned, grabbed the weights and started my set. Brandon stood behind me spotting at the elbows. "Yeah look at those babies work. Flex and squeeze at the top. adult virgin movies There you go. Pump those delts." As my sexy virgines set progressed and he need to help me more and more to keep the pace of the 6 second negative he stepped closer. the best tgp virgins Then closer still. Then I felt his erect nipples touch my virgin rusian girls back. Oh, god it was hard to concentrate. One, two, three, four, five, six, up, one two, three four, ...five...six ...."You are leaning forward" he shifted even closer and I felt a garden hose press against my glutes, anal galore virgin as he pushed forward with his groin and pulled back a little on the elbows where he was spotting. "Head up, keep straight. Lift like you want to virgins porno free touch your elbows to your ears". My concentration was shot. With him pushed up behind me, my dick continuing its scream for release, I kept as much force as I could muster on the last set but let the weights fall to my sides. "Good set" Brandon said as he stepped away. "Do a rear double bi and have a look in the mirror."I turned to face him and did the pose, twisting my head to look in the mirror."See how great those delts are?" Brandon asked little virgins top me"Yeah, not bad at all" I had to admit. I had never really seen them pumped like this before. "Not bad at all"."Just wait till I get through with you. You'll be showing it all off to everyone" Brandon said with a smile on his face. He patted my chest and said " My turn." He grabbed the weights and started to lift. "Watch me carefully I have a terrible habit of leaning girls lost virgin photos forward with this exercise".He repped out rep after rep. I thought he would go forever. His delts were just huge from where I was standing spotting him. God they were hot, he was hot. You could see all those muscles working in concert under that paper thin skin. I thought the veins were going to burst though. He started to fatigue nubile virgin thumbs and I needed to step closer in order to get the leverage I need to support the weight. He grunted "more help".I petite virgin teen deflowers stepped closer."Come on 3 fresh fucked little virgins more, am I bending forward?"He was bending forward. I stepped in like he had and pushed my groin forward, praying I would not ejaculate with the mere contact. Pushing my cock firmly against his flexing glutes I pulled his elbows and he straightened. Brandon forced the weights up again and on the upswing his glutes relaxed then contracted, grabbing at my already engorged cock."Come on 2 more" he grunted.I maintained my contact with him, willing myself not to cum as his glutes again massaged by leaking cock. I could feel the precum oozing out the tip. Up went the weights. Squeeze went his powerful glutes."Last one, make sure I am straight"I closed my eyes and with all my might I screamed in my mind "DO NOT CUM!!". nude naked virgins girls I pushed forward some more and straightened him up again. Up went the weights. Squeeze went the glutes ..."Hold it. Hold it. Hold it" Brandon grunted and he struggled to control the descent of the weights. "Hold it!" I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to stop from cumming. "Help slow it down" Brandon said as the dumbbells got close to the bottom. I had to push against him even harder in order to help control the decent of the weights. God help me, I said to myself. I clamped down on my cock with all my might, willing it into submission. Then the weights were down and Brandon Asian virgin panties moved away from me."God that was a great set! They're so hard they could just burst!"I grabbed the bench next to me to steady myself. After a few seconds I opened my eyes and I saw Brandon standing off to the side twisted around checking out his delts in the mirror. I looked down at my black seeds on virgin shorts in the mirror and saw the wet spot that had formed on the front ed virgine of my virgin funlumpkinsed 15 yo pants. I grabbed my shirt off the bench and held it in from of my shorts. Looking over at Brandon I caught his eye as he continued to flex his delts."You should flex those babies of yours too. It helps bring out the definition. ""I think they are pretty burnt out. I don't think I could if I tried".Brandon smiled a little smile. "Yeah I know the feeling. Let's go get changed and get something to eat" He dropped his arms and moved to reclaim his shirt. He looked over schoolgirls virgins porno at me and sad " I dare you to go shirtless up to your room".Knowing that if I put on the shirt it would not cover the rapidly growing wet spot on my short I did not have much choice in the matter "Sure teen fuck virgin pics thing" I said with false bravado."Good lets go. You will have to get used showing off those muscles for when you get up on stage anyway". He wrapped his huge arm around my shoulders and we left the gym. The heat from him body and the movement of his skin on mine as we walked was incredible. I did not know how much longer I could stop myself from ejaculating. "I yuong virgin sex will meet you down at the restaurant in say 15 minutes? That enough time for you to defloration virgin mpeg free clean up... and get changed?""Hmmhm, sure good" I mumbled and headed for the elevator that accessed my floor. Brandon went to the other bank of elevators. I entered the car and pushed my floor number. The wet spot on my shorts was bigger still. I held onto the wall and praying no one would enter the elevator. I was still concentrating on not cumming. The door opened and I nearly ran for my room. Fumbling the key card into the door and slipping in I had headed for the bathroom . The mere brushing of the fabric against my cock was finally too much. As I pulled my shorts down my cock erupted, my knees buckled, and I crumpled to the floor. I spray myself in the face and the towels under the sink with thick ropes of semen. My body convulsed repeatedly, and when I thought it was over I suddenly convulsed again.I lay back on the floor. Completely spent. I could barely lift my arms. Between the workout and the the orgasm I just could not move. God how was I going to survive three weeks of this?
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